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Sunday, 10 January 2016

7th January 2016: Overton (brisk)

It wasn’t suppose to rain but of course it did. I met John riding back along Guy Lane towards Waverton as I proceeded towards Martins Lane and Greenrooms and then onwards to the Ice Cream Farm. John wheels round and we bowl along to sample the new cyclists corner at the café. There were loads out today so, as I didn’t fancy yet another visit to the “Bhurtpore” in Aston, John, Tom and myself set off westwards on the fly towards Gobowen. Out via Tattenhall the first flooded road of the day at the top of Rocky Lane requires “discretion over valour". A helpful driver of a very large lorry advises us to turn around as it was way up over his wheels. The photo is an impression of what it may have been like to cycle through it - and “No” it’s not me on the bike!

Photograph thanks to Science in Sport

So back down the lane and out along Frog Lane and the A41 to Handley we go. Through Coddington, we motor to Tilston and out via the back lanes towards Chorlton on our way to Threapwood. I decide to go via Cloy towards Overton as the wind is getting stronger and the legs are getting weaker. The chosen lane at Hollybush is also flooded and we turn back to take the alternative Cloy Lane towards Lightwood Green. Along here disaster strikes as there is a distinct percussive sound and John shouts to me to stop. I’m expecting a sidewall blow-out but the tyre is still inflated; however, there is a broken spoke dangling from the rim. The wheel is very bent out of shape and the only way to get it moving was to remove the back brake calliper completely, so as to enable the rear mudguards to be lifted up as high as possible and then secured by a cable tie. 
The lunch venue is now assured to be the White Horse in Overton, which we thankfully make without further mishaps. We are the only punters and grateful for a warm pub and food. I telephone my AA road rescue driver (my wife) to please stand by for a pickup if anything else fails. We leave taking the most direct route back avoiding as many inclines as possible. So off down to Bangor, out around the Wrexham Industrial Estate, and round the east side of Marford Hill at Borras Head eventually finds us on the Wrexham Road towards Chester. Tom peels off at Dodleston and, being the gent that he is, John escorts me all the way to my door. It was 25 gingerly cycled miles home from the pub. It just shows how resilient wheels can be if you remember to minimise pressure on the rear cassette, and, the fact that you may only have one brake!

PS: I had a text from Macca who told me that it was 25C by the Mersey River - the one in Tasmania that is!

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