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Friday, 14 September 2012

13th September 2012: Little Bollington (mod)

Only five out today (George, Dave H, Andy, Bryan and myself) at Manley.  Dave M came for coffee and was nursing a bad cold. Weather-wise it was bright but a little chilly, clouding over later, but brightening up at tea time. "Little Bollington" I offered; "Where" came the reply - "Next to Dunham Massey" - "Oh there! How many miles?" "50" and "OK". Off we go, out and up the ridge towards Alvanley and the fast descent to the outskirts of Frodsham. Then out through Frodsham, turning off the main road at Dave's suggestion to avoid the freeway. We access the Bridgewater Canal at Preston Brook and cycle northwards towards Warrington. We pass the Daresbury Laboratory that boasted the Synchrotron Radiation Source until it closed in 2008.

Photographs by Clive Albany

Very pleasant it all was until, tempted by a further canal path section, the inevitable rear wheel puncture happens. It happened to be mine, and managing to nip the newly-inserted inner tube, I have to borrow another from Dave H. Anyway the group needed a rest! Crossing the A49, we go up and pass Appleton Reservoir, and ignoring the "No Through Road" sign, we make our way along lanes anew and down through Stockton Lane ("Closed") and finally the cobbles in Grappenhall. Ducking about the canal, we find Waste Lane towards Lymm, passing the Lymm Dam and thence to Outringham Lane and alongside the same pub-infested canal until the "Home" pub comes into view. 

The Home is deserted, but the food comes quickly and is well received together with the Flowers IPA. The return route is "straightforward" but weaves about a lot on our way back to Manley via Hoo Green, Comberbatch, Acton Bridge, Norley and Delamere Forest. Under the M56 there is a curious plaque commemorating John Wesley's preaching at Booth Bank - he would have to speak up today given the volume of traffic passing by on the M56. Passing close to the Great Budworth Ice Cream farm proves too strong so we stop for afternoon tea and cake. In Delamere Dave H peels off to go back to Manley whilst us four continue via Ashton Heyes back to Chester. The circular route is 54 miles; with the Chester add on making it around 65+ for most of us. It was a wonderful autumn day through heritage countryside embracing the age of canals and high nuclear physics - a pity that only five of us were out to enjoy it.

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  1. Great ride Clive. Packed full of interest and perfectly judged.