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Monday, 7 January 2013

3rd January 2013: Aston

We met at the Old Fire Station in Tarporley as Rose Farm café was closed.  It was a good turnout: Martin & Liz D, Dave & Liz P, Jim, Bryan, Brian Mac, Dave H, Dave M, and Andy. In addition, Big Roy of Runcorn was a welcome returnee.  I don’t know if some of us were wearing new Christmas gear, but Dave M. was sporting a particularly snazzy top, and Brian Mac a daft Everton hat.
We meandered up Eaton road and bumbled through the village of Eaton heading out in an easterly direction with Jim in the lead, before turning right just past Townfield Farm towards Wettenhall.  The riding was easy, the atmosphere relaxed, and there was a chance to chat.  Liz’s description of her and Martin’s recent Vietnam cycling experience was both fascinating and disturbing.  Reaseheath College was soon passed and shortly after we were in Nantwich, along Welsh Row, noted for the variety, history and character of its buildings. We turned right shortly after Malbank School, through a residential area, right again over the Shropshire Union Canal, and then headed for Wrenbury Heath.  Some risked the short, muddy track through Woodcotthill Farm and over the nascent River Weaver.  A local man walking two dogs informed us that the water had recently submerged the bridge.  Some of us chickened out and rode the long way around on tarmac.  We all finished safely in the friendly and familiar Bhurtpore Inn, with its luvvely curries and strong ales.  Ray arrived shortly after having been delayed by punctures before he had even got to the start and hence being forced to make his own way to Aston.
Home was via Wrenbury, Chorley and Brindley to Bunbury.  Someone shouted “Left” at Larden Green, and thereby some of us were split from the main group, but we were soon reunited.  Jim punctured, and Dave Matthews kindly proffered ‘a proper pump’.  This was a vintage lightweight inflator of a particular length that exactly fitted his exotic, old cycle frame. Unfortunately, in trying to help Jim, I was too enthusiastic and destroyed it (see photograph).

Photograph by Martin Donaldson

Tilly’s coffee and cake in Bunbury was very welcome.  We then headed for Beeston, and most of us to Chester through Brassey Green, Huxley, Waverton and Christleton, with variations.  Roy, Martin & Liz D returned to Tarporley for their cars. It was getting dark, but it still wasn’t cold.  Jim and I started and finished at Guilden Sutton, clocking up over 58 miles; with just over 60 miles for those from Chester.  The Tarporley-Aston-Tarporley ride proper came in at an easy 38 miles. It was a very relaxing, convivial day. Many thanks to Jim for leading once more, let’s hope that he doesn’t break a leg skiing!

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  1. Antique pump now replacd with sooper dooper Lezyne model at only 9X the original pump price---someone owes me a pint! David M