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Friday, 22 February 2013

21st February 2013: Wrinehill

It was going to be a cold and windy day and the weather didn’t disappoint. There was a whole crowd at Rose Farm including Petar for his second week, and a new rider, Dave R, who wanted to savour one of our rides. Just as we were about to leave "Hop a Long" Davenport arrived by stagecoach with clipboard and sample shirts. He was there to "put the shirts on our backs", which was duly accomplished - well-done Ivan - a thankless task. 
Jim and I discussed routes as he had one to Goostrey but agreed that, with a strong SE wind, the Wrinehill option was more sensible. So Ray, Paul, Liz D, Dave H, Jim, Andy, Petar and Dave R and I set off for Tarporley. Dave M was in "big ride prep mode" so went his own way, and Trevor accompanied us to Bunbury before turning for home. After Bunbury, we took the Haughton Moss option towards Acton on dry roads. Nantwich was bypassed by taking the river park diversion but then there was no avoiding short sections of the A529 and the A51 to get us to Wybunbury. Missing the obviously named Wrinehill Road, we turn back down the hill to admire the big sandstone church by the correct turn. Here it was just a matter of following this long lane over the West Coast railway line to the Crown in Wrinehill. 
The car park was reassuring quite full for a small pub as we gratefully rushed inside for the warmth therein. The landlord was welcoming, and soon the order was taken. After a short wait, the whole order arrives in more or less in one go. Most of us had the fish and chips main meal and expressed our satisfaction with quality and quantity. We ready for the return ride knowing the cold wind is going to be behind us. 
Dave H, Jim and Petar opt for a leisurely return, so the rest of us head up the main road through pretty Betley for a mile or so before finding the little lane to Chorlton. Here we "admire" the large housing estate with enormous houses at the lane's edge enjoying panoramic views of the main West Coast railway line. More A road takes us back to Wybunbury, just kissing where we rode through this pretty village a few hours earlier. Cutting through Nantwich, we take the Wettenhall lane north to Eaton. On the way we pass the Metropolitan Machine Knitting centre and inquisitiveness and the cold encourage to stop for an inexpensive hot drink with cakes. Up through Eaton, and the hill out finds us transecting the A49 back to Rose Farm. A dry, cold day with a 45 mile circuit to places and lanes anew. Andy, Liz, and Dave R head for their cars as Ray, Paul and I head back Chester clocking up 70 miles under the tyres.

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  1. The handily titled Metropolitan Knitting Centre was a legendary Audax stop, named Pool Cafe", until it burned down about 10 years ago. When it re-opened, it no longer opened on a Sunday so fell out of favour with cyclists. Good to know it's back in use.
    My big ride on Saturday turned out to be a short but very hilly ride from Skenfrith near Monmouth on all sorts of miniscule lanes high up in the hills with stunning views of the Mountains. Still some ice on the roads. Much too cold for me to ride the 150k Gospel Pass Audax(well below freezing at start with an added chill factor of a biting SE wind). It is reported that the long Southern descent of the pass to Abergaveny was plastered in ice so I am glad I missed it. 171 entries, 100 starters and not many finishers---just too cold and icy. Roll on some warmth!!!!!