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Sunday, 17 May 2015

14th May 2015: Aston (mod)

A cold, windy May day but at least the all day rain threatened on the BBC forecast a couple of days ago did not materialise. The hardy few who turned out were all back in winter wear in contrast to the previous day when the sun prompted a quick spin in shorts and short sleeves. Heading out into the wind to a good curry at the Bhurtpore Inn at Aston (a typical winter’s ride) was agreed as a good option. 
Trevor peeled off after a few miles as he had commitments at home leaving Tom, George and the Tandem Team to wend their way eastwards via Harthill and Wrenbury where a sudden brief squall persuaded us to head straight for the pub.
Satisfied after the excellent curries and with no sign of rain we headed into the wind again for a loop in the lanes around Audlem before heading back on a wind-assisted route via Nantwich.  A rebellion in the ranks regarding tackling the bridleway up and over the Peckforton Hills left no option but to indulge myself with a few extra miles traversing one of my favourite lanes along the east side of the hills in both directions before returning to the Ice Cream Farm for a final coffee.
A gentle 40 miles. Not bad for a winters day.

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  1. "Not bad for a winter's day". Exactly,that's why you didnt see me. The day before I was cycling over The Pennines in shorts and got sun-baked