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Friday, 19 August 2016

18th August 2016: Whitchurch (mod)

The prospect of light wind & sun brought the crowds to the beach and the CER ride from Utkinton.  The Mods were ably led out by Steve H, followed by Andy, David M making a rare appearance, Dave P, Liz P, Jim, Petar, Trevor and Macca was back-marker.  We headed
anti-clockwise for Whitchurch, via Clotton, Beeston, Bickerton Poacher, Malpas to Grindley
Brook, the most northerly settlement in Salop. Here we joined the madding crowds messing
about in boats on the Llangollen Canal where it descends from the hills down a staircase of 6 locks onto the Cheshire plain.  A short ride along the canal path and over the lift bridge took us onto the filled-in canal at the edge of Whitchurch.  If you read the history of this canal, it was plagued by poor planning and lack of funds, just like HS 2 & 3 today.  Plus ca change. 

Photos by Macca

Our photographer
Whitchurch has a plethora of decent pubs which CER has frequented and Steve chose an old favourite that’s recently changed hands - the Old Town Hall Vaults tel: 01948 664 682 at SY13 1QU.  Even though we had not booked 9 for lunch, they quickly served us, washed down with excellent Joules beer; general opinion said that the food was only average, but the L&S was only 50p.  After an Ulster £20 note was used as payment, discussion ensued over what comprised legal tender; Google and texts to an I O M tax adviser found that while Ulster and Scots money was acceptable, CER’s off-shore funds in the IOM were not.

After visiting the Grade ll listed privy we headed NE to Wrenbury and Chorley, where Trevor decided to snap his gear cable.  We “bimbled” along with him in one gear to Tilley’s at Bunbury where even Dave P with all his spare parts, could not fix the problem.  Afternoon tea finished, we cycled  north through Tarporley back to Rose Farm, having completed a hot but easy 48 miles at 12mph average and 70 miles from Chester.  


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