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Sunday, 29 December 2019

29th December 2019: Annual Ride Statistics

This time last year, I compiled some statistics about the number of rides and mileage since the club was started in April 2008. I have now updated it for the 2019 Club Year.

This year featured 84 rides and their blogs covering 3947 miles over 52 Moderate/Leisure rides along with 32 Brisk rides. 

There appeared to be only one week when No Ride was reported and this was in early March.

YearMileageBlogsAv Miles/Ride


In addition, I have analysed the blogs to find out who were the authors and their frequency (highest number first). CA, SH and DH  wrote up half of the total  blogs.

And  ID, ST, KP, JD,TC, KB, JM, BM, MG, DP, GW, NT, NH  all led and wrote up at least one ride.

It is great to see more members offering to lead rides and write up the blogs.

We also welcomed some new members this year and look forward to them adding to the blog write-ups for 2020.

Should any member want to have any of the route gpx files, then they are stored via Dropbox and can be downloaded via a link upon request (email me). We have "saved" rides from August 2017 right up to end 2019. In addition, there are 180 odd rides covering the period Jan 2009 to Nov 2013. After that date through to July 2017, we lost all the gpx files when "bikeroutetoaster" website suddenly stopped working and we were unable to access the site and retrieve them.

Today, all the current routes are stored on PlotaRoute and are backed up on a shared Dropbox account (SH, ST and CA have access to this)

So, if you fancy leading a ride from a particular start point, you could select from over 350 gpx files and lead a route that we may have done before but probably will have forgotten - or ride the route in reverse which makes it a "new" route - after all, I have often heard "we haven't been down here before" when we patently have!

Have a great New Year's Eve and Best Wishes for 2020



  1. Hi Clive, to be strictly accurate with your interesting data you may wish to add 25mls. for the 26/12/2019 Moderate ride.

  2. Thanks for that Clive , very interesting. And Happy New Year to you (a bit late but hey ho)