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Thursday, 24 September 2020

24th September 2020 : New Brighton (mod)

I hedged my bets on the weather forecast – BBC said it would rain, Met Office said unlikely, and XC had both features. Still, as long as it isn't raining when you set out, then it is better to travel hopefully than not at all. Thus I arrived at Ness Gardens cafe with full Covid conditions in place.

Dave H and Keith were already there, shortly to be joined by Erik, George, Alan and Ray. So we had a Cyclist's Half Dozen didn't we? I had offered a ride around the Wirral that Dave had gratefully accepted. So we set off down the hill towards the Nets Cafe. Here along the footpath, Ivan and Wilkie zoom up upon Ray, Erik and I to tell us that the rest had stopped to talk to Doc Martin and Liz! So we wait patiently for them at the Harp whilst Ivan and Wilkie zoom off.

Soon we are in Allan Meadow passing Brian Mac's house and weaving through the park and Neston little lanes to exit along Wood Lane. Well there is no wood really and no tarmac surface either for most of it. We are now off to Brimstage via Thornton Hough and pause in Storeton. Originally I had planned to take Landican Lane, but with the recent overnight rain it was bound to be agricultural. I spare them the early mud bath and aim for Prenton Hill and the long run down to the Woodchurch Asda where we take the tarmacked version of Landican Lane southwest towards Irby and the highest point of 260ft by the old mill.

A quick right here takes us down to Frankby and a loop around West Kirby and Hoylake suburbia to end up at Meols beach where the Viking landed from Ireland a long time ago. The tide was well out today, not like the last time in March 2020 when we were here with high winds and mountainous seas. We cycle the sea wall arriving at New Brighton. The weather had been good so far as we had missed the obvious lone rain clouds, but our luck was about to run out.

Our Cyclist's Half Dozen of 7 riders wasn't accepted at the Weatherspoon's - not even as a group of 3 and then another of 4. So with the rain coming down, we head for the old favourite of Seaside Cafe and espy Ivan and Wilkie just leaving for home. No such group problems at the cafe – only table service today and as usual everything comes very quickly at a reasonable price. 

Lunch stop!

The rain stops just as we are leaving for the return loop of the fat figure of eight. Along the prom and up into Wallasey, we are now heading for the Bidston Moss M53 transfer. It's not the most attractive route back to Asda, but it just works. So we are now at Landican Lane again and up and off to Irby yet again. This time we dive down to Thurstaston heading for the Wirral Way. The Wirral Way is quiet and a bit muddy though. I suggest to a coffee stop at Elephant Cafe at Parkgate Front, and once again no problem with a Cyclist Half Dozen. The route back is well known and 47 miles comes up and a surprising 2000ft a climbs.

Ray, Erik and I split for home via Burton, Ledsham, and Capenhurst. Unfortunately we catch the back end of a very wet shower. Still, the bikes needed a wash after the Wirral Way routing. George and Alan were heading over the border to Wales. So home in the dry with 60+ miles for Chester riders. Then comes the inevitable dilemma – do I clean the bike now or leave it for another day? I opted to do it then, and pleased I did so.

Finding “new” routes around the Wirral is difficult, especially since we have “lost” the expert aka Macca. Riding the Wirral during early lockdown was helpful in putting this route together, and I hope there were a few lanes that were unfamiliar to the group

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Photo by Alan

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  1. A very interesting route expertly led.
    Many Thanks,
    Dave H.