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Roads & Rights

Roads & Rights presents the latest information on local road closures, new cycle routes, campaign and rights issues.  Peter Williams, until recently, our local Cycling UK RTR Rep has provided regular reports every few months for the last few years.  At the last C&NWCTC AGM Peter decided to stand down and the responsibility for this important and taxing post has been taken up by John Violet, our new Right to Ride Officer.  CER would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Williams for his outstanding contribution and dedication helping to improve the road and traffic environment for cyclists in our area.  Much, however, remains to be done and we look forward to hearing from John Violet on future issues, activities and progress being made.

Reports from John will appear on this page as soon as they are received.

  Comments, announcements and queries may be left below.

Peter Williams:

A540 Two Mills Improvements Media Event.  19th January 2018
This went well on the day and some publicity was published in the local Standard paper but not in the Chester Chronicle, unless you go on line.  The bad news is that one of our members, Roy Sheriff, was seriously injured on the A 540 on his way to join the Wednesday Riders, on the 10 th January 2018.  This happened just before he reached the new paths put in by H E, as he approached the Two Mills junction from Neston.  Another few yards and he would have reached and accessed the new paths and safety.  I have been to see Roy and he is on the mend.

Future Campaigning re the A 540.  I will discuss this at the next committee meeting on the 15 th February 2018.

Junction 9 of the M 53 Improvements for cyclists.
At the above media event, I was told about these improvements for cyclists.  This is at the junction by the Waterways Boat Museum in Ellesmere Port.  In brief, it is an upgrade of footpaths from Station Road under the M 53 to the Boat Museum.  I have plans if any one wants them. This again is being paid for by Highway England.  I have emailed H E as I have some concerns about where the path crosses Queens Street which is also the slip road to the M 53.  Work has already started.

Highway England Improvements to Junctions.
H E have been given £100 million to improve junctions for cyclists and pedestrians nationally which is good news.  Unfortunately, very often they do not link up with safe routes for cyclists to get to these junctions as is the case on the A 540.

Chester Cycling Campaign

 1 Wrexham Road Development.  We met recently the developers and a Mike Axon from Vectos who are the transport consultants for this development, to see if improvements for cyclists going into Chester can be improved.  They want the CCC to drop their objections to this development.  This the CCC will not do unless improvements for cyclists can be made around the Overleigh roundabout and over Grosvenor Bridge into Chester.  Vectos and the developer said they would go back to CWaC and see if other improvements can be made.  We will wait and see.

2 Crane Bank Route 568 along the River Dee into Chester. See notes of my last report in November 2018.  All I can add is that the CCC would like a bid put into WREN for funding to build a bridge over the old locks on the canal into the river Dee.  Most stakeholders are happy with this, but CWaC have to accept responsibility for future maintenance of the bridge if it were built.  CWaC at present have NOT taken on this responsibility.  Without this, a bid for funding will not go in.

3 Canal Towpath Closure. The canal towpath below the city walls is closed again as on inspection some stone blocks below King Charles Tower are in danger of falling onto the towpath.  This could be closed for a long time.
4 Chester Sustainable Forum. The local M P Chris Matheson, organised a Sustainable Forum for Chester and the CCC gave a presentation to this Forum so as we work together.  I did not attend.

Upgrade of FP 15, Hill Lane Peckforton to Restricted Byway status.
Cheshire East have sent me an Annual Review of the progress to our application.  I have to report that our application CN/7/27 has a score of 53, we have slipped from number 2 on the list back to 3.  I could complain, but is it worth it?

Sustrans Volunteering Days.
Saturday 13 the January 2018, 10 volunteers spent the morning clearing the cycle / footpath from Bromborough to Port Sunlight.  We had a very good day collecting 22 bags of litter and numerous fly tipped items.  We removed a fallen bush from the path and brushed mud from the path in places.  WBC supplied the litter bags and some tools and their Street Scene department removed all the rubbish that afternoon.  Our next volunteering day is Saturday 10 the February 2018, to clear an underpass cycling route under the M 53 in Ellesmere Port. Cheshire West and Chester Council Street Scene department will help as did WBC.

Peter Williams 8th February 2018

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