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Roads & Rights

Roads & Rights presents the latest information on local road closures, new cycle routes, campaign and rights issues.  John Violet, our local Cycling UK Right To Ride Rep provides reports every few months, which CER members often find useful. 

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John Violet

Right to Ride Report March 2019

1.     Barmouth Bridge walkway/cycleway is under threat due to council funding issues
2.    Shotton Industrial Area cycleways are now completed and the segregation makes it far safer to cycle through this busy area. Experience so far shows that traffic is giving way to bicycles at crossing places.
3.   Work has started on the ground for the Conwy Estuary Strategic Route at Deganwy.
4. The new Chester Bus Station at Gorse Stacks involved making changes to the road layout which made it more difficult for cyclists. This has now been rectified with a fully marked cycle lane.
5. A540 campaign for reinstatement of the footway/cycleway on the fast dual carriageway between Neston and Two Mills has been long running. However, following an on-line petition with over 1700 signatures (including Chris Boardman) Chester and Cheshire West Council have agreed to discuss at a Cabinet Meeting. Good progress after a long running campaign and a sad history of cyclist accidents.
6.  The cyclist meeting point at Two Mills, Eureka Café, is up for sale!
7. The Chester canal towpath cycleway at Northgate has been closed for over a year but agreement between the council and Canal and River Trust means that work can now start to make safe the rock cutting. Just prior to the decision the issue was raised on BBC Radio with an interview with a cyclist.
8. Cheshire East Council have raised Hill Lane, Peckforton to the top of their priorities for a ruling on the Definitive Map Modifications which could potentially remove this lane from public access as a through route.
9. The River Dee cycleway close to Sealand Road goes along a timber boardwalk on a structure above the river. There have been a few accidents to cyclists in wet weather due to the absence of a coating on the timber. The council closed the route in December with the intention of rectifying the surfacing but have found the supporting structure is defective. A diversion route has been signed.
10.   The cycleway from Chester to Queensferry along the East bank of the River Dee has always had a small annoying discontinuity  at the Kop Park at Sealand Road but this has now been rectified by having a joint walkway/cycleway adjacent to Sealand Road. It is a pity the boardwalk referred to above is now closed!
11.NCR5 Crymlyn to Talybont is now closed and the diversion effects west to east journeys from Bangor. It is hoped that a safe route can be made through the work area as the work is to take about 4 months.
12.  Cheshire West Council have very little funding for cycling whereas Cheshire East Council have just received £1.6M. The difference is that the East have a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). It has now been decided by Cheshire West to develop a LCWIP using consultants so it is now important that local cyclists are consulted.


  1. Looks like the Welsh Government is going to 'reward' local authorities that are actively helping to deliver active travel and this should encourage others to try harder.

  2. The NCR5 closure west of Crymlyn affects cyclists travelling along the North Wales coast. The signposted diversions are narrow, steep and lengthy. It would appear that some cyclists are choosing to avoid the area whilst others are using the A55 which is hazardous due to the amount and speed of motorised traffic and the lack of a continuous hardstrip. CUK is pressing for the lane to be re-opened asap.