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Friday, 23 August 2013

22nd August 2013: Lymm

Another lovely summer's day in prospect at Manley Mere.  Relaxing in the sun as I arrived was Bryan, Dave M and George. Dave M was in "not on my bike for some time" mode, but the good news was that Bryan was in CER cycling strip and had cycled out for coffee. Having been given the "you can get back on your bike" medical approval he was taking it steady for a while. Another pair of lost souls then arrived - Jim was out today as was Ivan back from his motor home summer peregrinations. "Where are we going?" is the cry – “50m to Lymm or 60m to Croft” - George decides on the basis that he is unsure where Croft is. To be honest, I hadn't prepared a ride today but just downloaded two routes from summer 2011. So with the Pike Pair completing the group of five bikes I lead out for Delamere. At Hatchmere Jim turns for home and we cut through Forest Lane and down the lovely Beech Lane bound for the Weaver. Out via Acton Bridge, we head for Antrobus and the winding lanes towards Lymm. A quick diversion to the koi carp pool in the centre of Lymm then finds us at the Crown Inn's beer garden tucking into "2 for £10" repast-and tasty it was!

Photographs by Clive Albany

The afternoon is warming up to the high 20s as we take a modified route back since I wanted to explore a short cut in Grappenhall. So we take the cycleway past the cricket pitch and circle Grappenhall Heys Garden to Fox Covert Cemetery. Down the third "No through" road, we exit at Appleton reservoir bound for Moore.
Runcorn has a maze of cycleways but I stick to the canal side complete with herons and canal boats. Out via Weston we decide to take a Costa Coffee in Frodsham. Here Ivan splits for home, then George and I do the same leaving Liz and Dave to wend their way back to Manley. So 50 miles in glorious sunshine with some panoramic views on the way and a recycled 2011 route to enjoy.

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  1. We're off to Skye now in our motor home to try "summer peregrinations". How much are they? do you fry them or boil them?