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Sunday, 30 August 2020

27th August 2020: Little Bollington (mod)

Well my first ride for a while and I can honestly say I was thinking 'fool'.  Well anyway after a discussion with Ivan about his knee surgery I was even less assured I had made the correct choice.  So I just sat waiting to be told which group I was going with  thinking how much I’ve missed the Thursday gang, when George, Dave Mathews and Dave Heath informed me I will be in their bubble - you know life can throw a few pleasures at you now and again!  Dave H was once again spot-on with the weather forecast and route. George and I had mentioned the same as Steve - how Carol was not telling us the right info - she needs to up her game and speak to Dave as he got the rain practically down to the minute.

Anyway we set off from the café in our bubble heading out of the station onto the main road. This is a perfect road for Jim to get in touch with the local council to re-lay some smooth new tarmac.  We turned right at the Chinese restaurant heading down to Crowton, then over to Acton Bridge via some nice quiet roads with very little storm damage.  We then had a nice wheee moment down Acton Lane, but I also knew later in the day, when your arse is hanging out, that we would have to climb back up it again. We managed to get across the A49 the Dave way (people who know him), then up over the bridge, then heading up more inclines to Comberbach. Then heading to Budworth Heath where a line of polite drivers were waiting for us to turn, when a nice local driver came pass us all, beeping his horn etc  etc etc. What a hero!  

We then meandered past Arley, then on to lunch at Little Bollington at the Swan with Two Nicks. As usual covid set-up, eating alfresco, freezing your knads off, getting the drinks order wrong. Dave M ordered a half of Guinness and got a pint. This when I thought he should be hung drawn and quartered, then have his eyes pulled out, he left half as he didn’t want it. In my home town you would have to keep hold of it till empty otherwise it's gone, but that’s discipline only having what you want.  

After lunch we set off, just the 3 of us as Dave M went his own way. So after our farewells, this is where smart arse Dave H got the weather forecast spot on and due to his excellent paper map skills we headed back almost the same route, except if you know Dave he does like to make the odd detour thinking off-the-cuff, ie passing through the old air base at the back of Appleton Thorn then over to Frandley heading up to the fore-mentioned highest mountain. Well it felt like it, but it's known locally as Acton Lane off the A49 up to the station at Acton Bridge, where there was a group decision not to climb up through Onston but carry on through to the flat to Crowton ,then heading upwards to Norley in the rather heavy rain as our resident weather man said, then it's back to base at Delemere, where the 3 of us go our separate ways.  

It was good to be out with George again and Dave M for the run out to lunch as normal - good company and kept a good pace up, and last but not least the tour manager/organiser Dave H who once again did a good job of getting us back in good shape, as both me and George haven’t been on our bikes recently. I can say it was brill, especially as the company was ok, well good then, Keith the one walking like John Wayne.  Dave thought I could just help out with the blog - use it or get rid of it, not bothered it's your call, cheers for boss day. I have forgotten the exact route so add at your pleasure.


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