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Monday, 19 October 2020

15th October 2020: Bunbury (brisk)

I seemed to have landed the top job again, even though I turned up at Delamere station cafe just to say hello and do my own thing, due to a heavy ride the day before.
Only 5 of us turned up today, no doubt a lot couldn’t make it due to the latest ‘lock down restrictions’.
No complicated counting, this week. Dave was able to quickly come to a decision, of 2, including himself, in the moderate group and yours truly to lead the fast group or shall we say; they simply followed my less than brisk pace, because there wasn’t a better offer. I always had a plan of an easy 50 mile round trip, from home, so the 2 fast lads were simply tagging on (I did raise my pace a little bit, even though they probably didn’t know it)
Anyway, we set off, once I managed to get my Garmin rebooted again ( the on/off button has fallen out and after the cafe stop, it had shut down. That meant I had to find a suitable stick to switch it on because I had lost my Bic biro top - lol)
So, after a minor false start, we hit Norley and head for Sandiway and Little Budworth beyond. After that we head around Oulton Park race way, so we can take in my favourite series of smooth lanes, leading to Bunbury, via the lovely little lock at Tilstone Fearnell.
We arrive at Tillies, where we find we are not allowed in, because we 3 were not of the same family of course (pandemic controls had changed the day before)
We were offered a seat outside of course, which was fine for about 15 minutes and then it got chilly, as we cooled off. So, I threw down my Eggs royal, which was lovely and off we trot, through Spurstow, avoiding the heavily mudded lanes on the other side, of Bunbury, which I had ridden the day before hence, my specific route change. 
Didn’t take long for us to reach the turning for the ice cream farm, where my faster companions turned right to head back home to Chester & beyond.
I got home 5 minutes later after a lovely day to be fair-  no rain, a bit of sunshine, good company / conversation and 49 miles all in all, for me that is.

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