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Saturday, 3 March 2012

1st March 2012: Dunham Massey

Around a dozen of us assembled at Manley Mere in fabulous cycling weather.  The group contained, amongst others David M, Dave H, Ray, Martin, Andy, Ivan, Dave & Liz P tandem and Tony.  Special mention to Liz D returning after illness and Colin Bell (new rider).
After some discussion, the sport plan became riding to the Red Barn at Dunham Massey via Kingsley, Antrobus and the "Swan with 2 Nicks" with David M and Dave H variously leading.  All riders would go to Red Barn as a group and then return at own pace in brisk, very brisk and not so brisk groups.
On the first hill, the group split totally with several riders shooting off wrongly beyond the Kingsley turn to ride into the Dark Arc.  So David M, Dave H, Andy, Liz, Ivan and the tandem continued over the hills and down hidden lanes as the "official" ride.  Somewhere above Kingsley we lost the tandem and Ivan.
The small "official group" (i.e. David M, Dave H, Andy and Liz) continued on a super route down perfect lanes to arrive at Dunham Massey at approx 1:00pm.  Eventually Martin, Ray and Ivan arrived, having been to Lymm and then followed the trans pennine trail.  No signs of anyone else, though we knew that the tandem riders had returned home to fell trees rather than ride lanes.
Following the regroup, we agreed to return as follows: Dave H would ride directly back to Runcorn while David M would lead the main group back through Tatton Park to Knutsford.  At this point Martin and Liz would take the direct route back to Manley via Great Budworth (well done to Liz for keeping going in spite of effects of lay-off) and the remaining four to return via Lower Peover, Whitegate and Cotebrook.  Thus we had a brisk chain gang through the lanes once we left the main Knutsford road with a slight diversion at Cotebrook to the Shire Horse Centre café as Ray was bonking out (we had been riding non-stop for 2 1/2 hours at this point).  Ivan sped on as he had a date with a couple of pints down at his local.  David M split at Utkinton for the short route to Oscroft, leaving Andy and Ray to ride onwards to Chester.
If anyone had ridden Manley to Manley, the distance would be around 65 to 70 miles by this route.  My distance to Oscroft was 108km (67miles).
An interesting day out, with a few lessons learned re: group dynamics and waiting at junctions.


  1. This sounds like a complete shambles! How come a dozen experienced riders can't even make the first two miles together as a group? Words fail me!

  2. Just a thought.
    What makes the Lavender Barn seem red?

  3. Yep your right Brian...an 'unusual' group ride......but nevertheless a great day well lead by the Daves (for those that followed them!)
    And Lavender Barn has been painted bright red!!!