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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

20th October 2016: Ness (mod)

A mixed group of ten Brisk and Mods were 1.5 hours late starting off after the Special Meeting at Bar 1539 at Roodee…………Andy B, Bryan, Dave H, John, John B, Martin, Petar, Steve T, Tom and me.  I had previously decided that as the start time was going to be uncertain, then so would the route to lunch.  An anti-clockwise route east through the city centre took us to Hoole, along The Greenway to Mickle Trafford, where we turned north.  Past Wervin, we skirted Cheshire Oaks only for Petar to puncture.  From there, memo to self:  don’t use the missing link after a day’s rain, but rather the parallel A41, unless you like cleaning congealed cow-poo off your bike.  On past Hooton station and Willaston took us to lunch.

Despite looking like an AGM for the W I with so many elderly ladies lunching together, The Wheatsheaf at Ness (GR: SJ 760 303, CH64 4AP, t: 0151 336 6336) should definitely be included on Egon Steve’s list.  A 2 course very varied meal for < £6 can’t be bad these days.  Thwaites beer there is always good but there were rumblings about the cost of L&S at £1-60. Considering the place had scores of customers when we arrived, we were all served quickly and pleasantly. 
Photo by Macca

Our return south was via Ness Gardens down past the ruins of St Andrew’s Hospice, a monastic hospital for travellers to Ireland that had given refuge while awaiting the sailing of the delayed 0915 packet boat to Dublin. Dissolved in 1496, all that remains are the bumps of the fallen walls behind our team photo.  Along the ever-popular Sustrans route 486, we past the pre-historic hill fort atop Burton Point before being disgorged into D I P.  From there we followed the Dee where it had been canalised in 1736 to (unsuccessfully) keep the port of Chester open.  The A380 barge was passed on its way upstream to collect another wing for Toulouse HQ.  Finally back at The Roodee, there was a bomb-burst of riders to all 4 quarters, having covered only 32 miles at 13 mph.



  1. Another splendid ride in the heart of the Chester heartlands. Great company, a good route and many laughs along the way. 4 CER riders to mend one puncture ... just about says it all!! The food stop was excellent and much appreciated by all who happily discussed the provenance and meaning of CHAV with great enthusiasm! The ride along the Dee was the highlight - the cow poo not so much! The derelict commercial premises by the river make a very sad statement because it is such a grand old building and deserves, surely, to be reclaimed by some wealthy WAG and her footballer bloke. And I couldn't believe the quality of the turf at the Roodee!! Rich, verdant, luxurious and not a broad-leaved weed or ugly plantain anywhere in sight all the way round!! Wonder if they'd miss a half an acre of turf some moonlit night ... ?? All help would be greatly appreciated in executing such a dastardly theft!!

    1. Thanks John, after such a fine write-up, I think that you should volunteer to do them more often