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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

6th October 2016: Aston (mod)

We were a little late starting off as I was leaving my car to be washed, but it was in the way of a large livestock lorry trying to turn. I am not sure if the pigs were coming or going, but they would soon be sausage and chops in the farm shop. The moderates were five in all: 'Taffy' Walker, Macca, Jim the Decorator, John the marketing man and myself. We headed down to Cotebrook, and past the growling and yowling of racing practise behind the brick boundary of Oulton Park. We reached Nantwich via  the easy, familiar Wettenhall and Rease Heath route. John was suitably impressed by the rich mix of arcitectural styles that makes up London Road. We avoided traffic by heading south through the park, and meandered along the Weaver passing lakes on our left.  The weather was ideal, and the riding very sociable. After a very short stretch of the A530 we were soon on the lane toward The Secret Bunker, and Audlem. We turned right toward Aston, rather than heading for Audlem as earlier planned. The call of curries and fine beers was just too strong. The Bhurtpore Inn has been a pub since 1778, and the story of how it acquired its name is certainly out of the ordinary. The food and drink was as good as ever, but the large fish and chips made me feel lazy for the return. It was tempting to order a delicious pudding followed by a taxi!         
Photos by Macca
Conversation with John on the way home ranged from the nightmare of Syria to the beauty of some of the British women’s hockey team. Although, I think we all sensibly avoid the passions around Brexit (unless we know the person we are talking to has a similar view to our own!). The route back was via Wrenbury, Chorley and the little sheltered lacework of lanes that reach up to Brindley. The wind was cool and from the north-east, but never a problem and the warm sun was particularly welcome on the way back via Bunbury and Tilston Bank. We sat in the sun with cake and coffee at the back of The Old Fire Station at Tarporley, when some of the Fast Lads turned up. As Steve Tan was sharing a lift home with me, it was handy timing. A last steady climb to Rose Farm, one cleaned car and a packet of sausages. I checked my data-rich environment and came up with the following: distance around 42miles; average speed: sublimely sufficient; elevation: not much at all really; company: 100% agreeable. Many thanks to Brian for the photographs.                                        


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  1. A(nother) lovely ride through some fantastic scenery on a perfectly glorious day. Excellent company - as always - and lively conversation through a full range of old codgers' topics!! The Bhurtpore Inn was a real treat worth waiting for - fabbie food and the best range of beers I've seen since I came North to Chester!! I even broke the habit of a long lifetime and took a pint at lunch in the working week. Unheard of, but I was sorely tempted by the wide range of excellence on offer. However, I did manage to fall off later!! Argh!!

    Now, you see, the thing about Ladies Hockey is, that after a lifetime watching over paid nancies rolling about at the merest touch on a football field, cheating, mouthing, argufying and behaving like they do - it is sooooo nice to see a game played at the highest level under the tightest control of the umpires - no gouging, spitting, swearing, shirt tugging, or simulation - there isn't time ... only the captain can argue with the umpire or ask for an explanation of a decision - step out of line and you're off to the sin bin and the game restarts immediately after a foul - there's no time for histrionics. The sportswomanship is extraordinary and the skill level is quite sublime. If you ever get the chance to see Ladies Hockey played at the highest level (Investec Premier League, or Great Britain Ladies) - do go - I guarantee you'll enjoy it! The men's hockey is much like the football - a lot of yorping, manhandling and male testosterone flying about!!! Not so nice. I just love the honesty in women's hockey - it's a game with not much money in it, played at the highest levels of skill with a pureness that few other team sports can equal.

    There. Nuff said :)