Retired, work part-time or shifts, enjoy being out in the countryside? Then cycle the lanes and byways of Cheshire and surrounding areas with Chester Easy Riders: you won't get left behind.
Chester Easy Riders is an independent cycling club affiliated to Cycling UK. We cycle every Thursday throughout the year with moderate and brisk day rides of 40 to 80 miles.

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General Resources
Information to enable you to get the most out of your rides with the club.

Cycling UK Guide to cycling with a group
Cycling UK Individuals third party insurance cover

Ride Leaders Resources
Information for ride leaders.

Cycling UK Guide for ride leaders
Cycling UK Guest rider entry form
Cycling UK Incident report form  (scroll down  to the bottom of the page to find the form)
Cycling UK Organiser's liability cover for Affiliated Bodies
Cycling UK Organiser's liability cover FAQ's

See also the collection of forms and documents on the Cycling UK website
Useful forms and documents

Dialling the 112 emergency number: essential guidance
This YouTube clip offers fantastic guidance on using 112, getting a connection and sending 112 emergency texts. This really is a must view clip. Click here.

Chester Easy Riders: Ride Guidelines
Ethos, pace and distance
Chester Easy Riders operates a relaxed ethos across all its activities.  It is acknowledged that not all members wish to ride at the same speed or distance.  The default Thursday ride is a moderately paced social ride (12mph/20kph) with an additional faster ‘brisk’ ride (16mph/25kph) if sufficient members wish to ride faster that day.  Summer rides are typically 50 to 60 miles with winter rides from 35 to 50 miles.  For those looking for more challenging, faster or out-of-area rides we also offer something different on two Tuesdays each month.

Rider responsibilities
The rule that ‘no one gets left behind’ applies to all our rides such that each ride is essentially at the speed of the slowest rider on the ride that day.  Every rider has a responsibility to the others.  Keeping the group together is a shared responsibility.  In particular each rider has a responsibility to ensure that those, if any, at the back aren't left behind.  This isn't just down to the ride leader.

Group size
To facilitate the enjoyment of rides and the safety of riders, rides may be split into two or more groups if numbers exceed 12 riders.  The maximum on road size for a group should be no more than 14 riders unless exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise.

Ride leaders and routes
To ensure sufficient ride leaders are available each week, members have agreed that all established members riding that day would turn up at the morning café with a proposed ride. If their ride wasn't used that day it could be brought along the next time we are at that starting café.  Note: there are over two hundred rides listed under the 'Route Maps' tab that could be recycled or used as the basis of another ride.