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Thursday 24 February 2022

24th February 2022 : Wybunbury (Brisk)

Today’s ride starts from Alison's cafe and I was joined by John W for the ride out from Chester. With a good tailwind behind us we soon knocked off the 11 miles to Tattenhall. The weather predictions for today was scattered snow showers and a strong, south westerly wind. Trying to create a route giving us a tail wind for the return ride home was not an option from Tattenhall. 

After tea and tea cakes, John and I were joined by Clive and Nick. The route today is a circular ride to Audlem. The four of us set off heading out of the village towards Chowley crossing the very quiet A41 and continuing to Clutton crossing the A534 with zero traffic. As we crossed the A41, we caught a glimpse of the tandem but we never saw the vision again so assume they took the right turn to go along Dog Lane. 

We have a tailwind pushing us up the bank to Clutton and Carden then into Tilston. Passing Nick's abode, we continue to Chorlton and Cuddington before starting the climb up to Malpas, where we are stopped due to temporary traffic lights just outside the town, but not the brow of the hill where you drop down to the centre of town. When lights change we roll down the hill and continue down to No Man’s Heath. Crossing the A41 again it is again devoid of traffic.

Since leaving Tattenhall John has decided that his 200k audax on Saturday will be compromised by riding today so he decided to make his way home. By now we’ve endured several sharp hail storm showers. Even the tail wind didn’t stop the ice striking the face! 

We are soon passing the Bhurtpore Arms, but our planned lunch stop today is the biker's cafe at Audlem so through the storm we press on. Exiting onto the A525 at Lightwood, we are rolling into Audlem. Arriving outside the cafe, there are a couple of bikes propped up outside and on enquiring re table availability its a rejection. Not too disappointed, we carry on to the Swan Inn at Wybunbury which we visited a couple of weeks ago. We were welcome without a prior reservation and were seated and fed very promptly once again with the selection from the light bites which was more than adequate considering the return 25 miles return to Chester which is mainly against the head wind now. 

Conversation over lunch was not the weather but name dropping regarding the main news topic this morning. Our grand master Clive met President Putin when he was working in St Petersburg and Putin was the deputy mayor!! Sad times for Ukraine and Europe as a whole.

However lunch finished we’re suited and booted and ready to go. We cannot leave without Clive and Nick having a photo with the resident outdoor bar person to light up the blog again. From Wybunbury it’s into Nantwich and via Welsh Row to Acton.

The Three Stooges!

Taking the route from Acton to Burland, it's along the A534 that Nick leaves us for a direct route back to Tilston via Cholmondeley while Clive and I battle on via Bunbury and Beeston back to Tattenhall and ultimately Chester.

We enjoyed a 45 miles or so out and around with some wind assist and the remaining 25 miles with a blocker of a head wind. However we got back safely and enjoyed a good day out. The official ride back to Tattenhall would  have been 48 miles. 

We all achieved a ride of 60+ up to 76 miles for Clive at an astounding 16.2 mph average. A good indicator of how much assistance we had on the first part of our ride. Thanks to all for making a good day out and good luck John for the weekend.

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24th February 2022: Hanmer (mod)

 Great minds think alike! I had ridden down to Tattenhall with a ride in mind which would take us to The Hanmer Arms at Hanmer. With a strong south-westerly wind forecast it was a route that went roughly south and returned in a roughly northward direction. It would, in theory, avoid too much cycling into the wind. I must admit to having cheated a bit by taking the idea from a previous ride. Seven moderate riders had assembled at Alison's cafe. Eventually the conversation turned to the subject of where we were going to ride to and it was at this point that it became clear that Steve Ha had come up with the same idea. So, The Hanmer Arms it was, and since Steve does more than his fair share of ride leading it only seemed fair that I should lead this one.

The seven of us, Andy B, David M, Steve H, Steve T, the tandem pair of Dave and Liz and myself set off out from Tattenhall towards the A41 and Chowley Oak. David was intending to leave us at Coddington and the tandem pair were going to see how it was with the wind. A tandem, after all, is the cycling equivalent of a high-sided vehicle. But at Coddington the situation was reversed. The weather seemed to be better than forecast so David continued on with us while Dave & Liz decided that the wind would be too much and decided to peel off. I don't think they liked the look of some rather ominous-looking dark clouds that were heading our way and neither did the rest of us but at this point we turned south and hoped to be clear of the rain before it got to us. In the end we got caught by the edge of it but only had to endure it for about five minutes before we were out and heading into sunshine again.

We had passed through Barton and headed down through Tilston towards Threapwood. Beyond Threapwood we encountered our next weather-related hazard – snow. It snowed for about 15-20 minutes but fortunately it didn't start to settle on the road. However, David realised that he wasn't properly kitted out for the conditions and decided to turn towards Malpas and home leaving four of us to turn towards Lower Wych and then on to Hanmer.

By the time we reached The Hanmer Arms the sun had come out again and had mostly dried off our outer clothing. However, we arrived cold from both the snow and the strong winds and when two of us ordered tea we all wanted to wrap our hands round the pot. Once a regular haunt for the Easy Riders it had been closed for a while. This was the first time I had been back there since it reopened, although other rides may have been there recently. It didn't look any different to me and the welcome was as warm as before. The food was also still good although the 'mini-bites' were a little too mini. The 20% off the food bill helped to soften the blow.

The sun was still out as we made our return through Tallarn Green, Sarn and Threapwood. The wind was also still blowing strongly and it seemed that we were still cycling into it. Or were my legs getting tired? At Shocklach Andy left us to go straight home and the two Steves and I turned right. We retraced part of our outward journey into Tilston but then carried straight on towards Carden. As we climbed the hill at the back of Carden Park I realised that it was my legs that were tiring and I was left behind by the other two. As I rounded the bend at the top there they were. I thought they had stopped to wait for me but actually they were repairing a problem with a loose mudguard. From there we continued to the main road where we dog-legged left and right. At Chowley Oak we once again joined our outbound route and followed it back into Tattenhall. Unfortunately, we were just a bit too late to enjoy afternoon tea and cakes at Alison's. Maybe next time. Still, despite the weather an enjoyable 35 miles. 55 for Steve H and myself by the time we got home and goodness knows how many for Andy.

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Friday 18 February 2022

17th February 2022: Malpas (mod)

This Thursday was sandwiched between the westerlies of Storm Dudley which was still blowing itself out in the morning, and Storm Eunice due to blow in on the Friday. As we had no desire to ride into the wind, either outbound or inbound, I was in Meadow Lea café discussing possible routes onto the Wirral with Dave H and Steve T, when messengers from the West arrived in the shape of Steve Hu and Alan.  Keep away from Parkgate and the Wirral they said.  So, if we weren’t to ride north, the alternative was to ride south. Dave H took some convincing that Malpas was due south from Mickle Trafford, but eventually agreed that this should be our destination. Despite having a decent café, Malpas has long been missing a decent pub and therefore has not been a common CER destination. However, the old Red Lion has now been refurbished as The Lion, so I was keen to try this out.

The brisk riders were bravely heading out westwards into the wind to Holywell. The moderates comprised myself, Dave H, Steve T, George, Steve Hu, Alan, Andy B, David M and Andy M, who it was good to see back again. We headed in towards Hoole, before turning left to Littleton to cross the A51 at the new improved crossing. Then we passed through Christleton, Waverton, along the Shropshire Union and past a former regular starting point, the Ice Cream Farm. We passed Bolesworth Castle, heading to Brown Knowl and then stopped outside Broxton Old Hall for a photo. 

Photo by AO

After this David M and Andy W took an alternative route as Andy was to miss lunch in order to be back early, and David agreed to meet us in the pub. The wind was causing us little problem and we continued south to No Man’s Heath and began the climb into Malpas.

The Lion is on the eastern side of the High Street, just below the old cross. In 2021 it was refurbished extensively with accommodation in adjoining buildings, an outdoor courtyard, and a comfortable interior with separate rooms (is this sounding like an advert?). We were seated in the main dining area and served quickly and efficiently. Food was available at all prices and was tasty and sufficient – Steve T’s Korean Benedict drew most interest - and my local Kelsall brewery, Weetwood, supplied the ales. All agreed that this would be worth re-visiting.

As we prepared to leave all had been going well. The weather in the morning had been fine, and although it rained as we ate, the skies had cleared when it was time to leave. Our return route was NNW to Tilston and Stretton, though David M made his own way home back through No Man’s Heath. We negotiated the traffic in Malpas High Street, reached the top of the hill and sped down the other side before we realised Steve T was missing. We waited, but no Steve; phone messages were left, but no Steve. Was he lost? Unlikely. Was he broken down? Again, unlikely or he would have answered his phone. The others continued to Tilston, while I climbed back towards Malpas, when I met him. The unexpected reason for delay, was a complete traffic jam in Malpas – apparently a regular occurrence with 4x4s being unable to negotiate parking and the high street. Re-united we were about to continue, when George’s rear wheel stopped turning. Our collective intelligence (don’t laugh) was applied to this problem before a sticking mudguard was found responsible.  Again, we continued, but next it was my turn – another sticking mudguard problem.

Missing riders and mudguards solved we continued into Tattenhall, on the way saying goodbye to Steve Hu and Andy B. We were approaching Waverton when the ominous clouds in the distance, suddenly seemed to be over our heads. The odd spot of rain became heavier and then heavier until we eventually arrived, drenched at Meadow Lea.

Despite the afternoon’s problems it had been another good ride in good company and with a new destination found for lunch to which we will return.

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Thursday 17 February 2022

17th February 2022 : Holywell (brisk)

The wind became a major factor during this week with two storms scurrying through the British Isles. Taking this in consideration today was a key factor in route planning. On Tuesday, five Brisk Riders had wandered up the centre of the Wirral enjoying a westerly crosswind and lunching at the Weatherspoons “Master Mariner” establishment in New Brighton. During this ride, I had found two new sections of quiet roads or cycle paths to get us from Heswall Island in Woodchurch up to Bidston Church via Bidston Hill. Well worth the effort in finding new ways to get through Wirral.

Ivan had produced a possible route for today going somewhere near Manchester, but re-planned a route to Holywell in view of the westerly winds. This meant that we could enjoy a wind-assisted return after slogging up to Holywell, rather than having it in our faces if we had gone with his first suggestion.

So this is Ivan's route that John W, Ray and myself cycled with him leading ever upwards. The first 8 miles was very flat (Greenway to Boughton) and then very hilly for the next 23 miles! It started with a gentle slog up to Penyffordd, then via Llong, into and out of Mold High Street. The steady climb on the Gwernaffield road took us on to Rhydymwyn finally enjoying the 9% climb out along a lane which gave us panoramic views of Hendre Quarry. 

The weather so far had been OK as were the lanes. Unfortunately being up highish, the rain turned to hail as we quickly donned our rain jackets for the long run down to the main road towards Bodfari. Luckily the hail stopped soon after it had started. Our enjoyment of the passing quarry lorries on the A541 road was short
-lived as we turn off right, then up a short sharp hill, and then ever upwards for two miles to Mole-y-Crio. Rushing down towards Lixwm via Rhys-y-cae, it is up again to Brynford. We thankfully now slide off the hills on the fast road down and into Holywell High Street and into the Wetherspoons' “Market Cross” pub
As ever, there is a warm welcome here just as the rain arrives outside. Our food came pretty quickly and as normal, we are not disappointed. My 8” veggie pizza, plus a bowl of excellent tomato and basil soup and a coffee was little over a fiver! 

Ivan's original route would have made us enjoy a few more miles up to get back to where we had come off the tops, and then a run down through the usual lanes back to Connah's Quay. I had already suggested that perhaps we could just ride down to Bagillt and cycle along the coast road. This we did enthusiastically as we motored with the wind behind along the new wide cycle path which, with a recently re-surfaced road through Flint, made the run back to Connah's Quay very quick indeed.

I split with the trio along the river path just after the Blue Bridge to take the Greenway home, as the trio belted down the river path with a significant wind-assist. So only 52 miles back to Meadow Lea with 2800ft of climbs, and, thanks to Ivan's planning, the westerly wind didn't cause us too much trouble.

I got back home at 1500 just as the rain hammered down as it had apparently done on and off in Chester environs. So we were very lucky with only a smattering of hail over the hills and no rain to speak of.

See route map and/or gpx file download


Wednesday 16 February 2022

10th February 2022: Broughton (mod 2)

 Approximately 10/12 gathered at Cleopatra’s on a lovely sunny, if a bit windy, day. I had an option ride to ‘ Chocks Away’ cafe, (Airbus factory) which enabled an easy 40 flat miles, back to Cleopatra’s, with the last 12 being a full tailwind. This clearly appealed to a few of the Mods.

So it was that I took the smaller Mod group of Clive, Steve and Alan, although we set off with the rest of the Mods, lead by Dave, toward ‘Hanmer Arms’. After a few miles and a little climb up Wetreins lane, we left the other group, as they turn right to Tilston and we head for Carden Park. We settled into a slightly faster pace than I expected, as Clive pushed on through Carden Park and on to Tattenhall, where we encountered our first bit of headwind,  after heading west toward Bruera. We crossed the A41 at Platt’s lane, where Clive fell into the headwind lead to Bruera because we took to the path to Platt’s lane. It wasn’t long before we were in Chester and crossing the main drag adjacent to the Bike Factory.

My plan was to ride the canal towpath, through Chester and out to the Greenway, which we did, after a slight detour, due to council work on the canal, that blocked our passage.  Clive came to the rescue and we were soon back on the canal tow path and the bumpy downhill stretch of the 3 locks. After a short couple of miles on the Greenway we come off at Blacon, where Clive had an uncharacteristic moment of confusion - Lol. For some reason he thought Saltney ferry bridge was up near Hawarden or something like that. As we head down through Blacon with Steve on the front, we hit the main road into Chester. 

After a very quick half mile blast we turn right for Saltney ferry bridge. Crossing the river Dee highlighted how strong the wind really was, which became a full headwind as we turn right for the last 2 miles to Chocks Away cafe. As we got closer to the Airbus factory, a black aircraft passed in front of us (on landing approach), which prompted Steve to query with me as to what it was. I thought it looked like a Buccaneer, with its high tail plane, but it was a bit small for that and we both also thought there were none flying any more. Anyway, no sooner had Steve made his query that I suddenly realise that both Clive and I were on our own. It turns out that Steve & Alan had stopped to do some plane spotting- Lol. All regrouped and bikes chained up at the cafe, Clive discovered that the so called Buccaneer was in fact a private Italian jet (forgotten the name)

Conversation, during our lunch, was rather intellectual and pretty much covered the full range of alternative, domestic energy sources. Turns out that Clive is one of those astute people who invested in solar panels, just at the right time and consequently is not affected by the soon to come hike in domestic energy prices, being as he makes a net gain from his solar panels. I also discover how important ‘AdBlue’ is to my car and the fact that it’s not a fuel additive- Lol. Turns out it is injected into the exhaust system in order to counter the Ammonia produced, apparently (who knew- Lol).

So, lunch done and lessons over, we set off again, heading for our second real climb of the day (‘The Warren’) or at least for 3 of us, as Clive departs from us for home, before we hit the climb. After a brief moment for Alan, where he forgot how to work his gears- Lol, we are off up the ‘ The Warren’. It was a slow slog, due to the headwinds. 3/4 of the way up, Steve points out where his gun toting mother lives (she likes to go game shooting, in the near by woods-Lol).  After crossing the A55, where Alan & I turn left for our long awaited tailwind home, we lose Steve. He heads home to Hawarden. The tailwind meant that we were tanking it at times, especially as it was mostly down hill to Lavister, via Kinerton. There was a bit of an issue in Lavister as they were resurfacing the road and it was mayhem. We both took to the path, all the way to the Nags-head pub, where we could then head off left and a free run to Holt.

We arrive back at Cleopatra’s, after exactly 40 miles. We decided to have a coffee and wait for the other Mod group to arrive, but alas, after 30 minutes and a lengthy comparison of our life long injuries-Lol, I needed to crack on home for another 10 miles. So I leave Alan and get home with 58 miles on the clock and surprisingly, 10 minutes before a heavy rain shower (where did that come from?) 

Great day and good company.


Monday 14 February 2022

10th February 2022: Loppington (mod 1)

There was a fine turnout on a bright and blowy day at Cleopatra's. The Fast Lads sorted their own plan out, with the minimum of fuss, as usual. The moderate group had a choice between Neil's route to “Chocks Away” at Hawarden, or my Malpas-free suggestion heading for Hanmer.  Neil had planned his route so that the stronger winds that he was anticipating in the afternoon would be blowing the group home on the return leg. There was an amicable split, which had the advantage of keeping the groups to a more manageable size on the road. Unfortunately, a quick call to ensure that the Hanmer Arms could accommodate 'my' group, ascertained that a very large walking group were already booked in for lunch. The Dickin Arms at Loppington seemed an attractive alternative, even if it was a bit of a stretch, hopefully not too ambitious for the tandem. George, Dave and Liz, Roy, Mike, Andy and myself were on board.

Both moderate groups rode out together, before splitting at Stretton Hall. We rode south through Tilston and along the Roman road before turning right at Kidnal for Chorlton Lane, Cuddington Heath, Oldcastle Heath and Lower Wych via Bishop Bennet Way. Roy popped into my favourite garage with me at Peacock Farm Yard, Cuddington Heath, where we briefly viewed a very smart, and increasingly rare, mid-engined ClioV6. I could have done with a V6 for the next climb! The tandem had the next best thing, with Dave's impressive fitment of a powerful electric motor aiding uphill  progress very effectively. James Dyson's design teams would have been proud of this result! Climbing from Lower Wych we took the second left, passing Strift House,  because I wasn't sure how viable first left would be. We then navigated the quiet little lanes to Whitewell with its little whitewashed chapel in a small green field. I could live here, but how far would I have to go for a bottle of 19 Crimes? After crossing the A525 and A495, we swished down nice and easy lanes from Fenn's Bank to beyond Dobson's Bridge, and then cut across to Wolverley. At Spenford Bridge, I chose another very narrow lane, rather than turn into a headwind for a short while.

This was a mistake! On paper, it was a nice back route through the small village of Loppington, but, on the day, was very muddy and rough for a while, and took longer. So, we arrived a little late for lunch, but we received a warm welcome, and enjoyed their lunch menu, which once again was outstanding in its quality and presentation. We had covered about 25 miles at this stage.

The route back needed to be as direct as possible, so we headed for Northwood. Unfortunately, George had a thorn puncture. My long-nose pliers, and the very efficient expertise of Roy and Dave Pipe meant that George was up and running pretty quickly. I was a bit concerned, because we were still well south of Hanmer, and really needed to crack on. As it happened the wind was not a problem, the sun was mainly out, so we soon warmed up again and made consistent good progress north, all afternoon.  At Bettisfield we came across an attractive conversion of a former railway station nestling down on our left. The former railway line appears to have linked Whittington to Whitchurch via Ellesmere. A stretch of rail with a locomotive engine has been installed as feature in the grounds of the station house (see Roy's pictures). Bettisfield was mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1066. 

Photos by Roy

After climbing past The Hanmer Arms we crossed the A539 and passed through Little Arowry, before crossing the A525 and tackling the steep bank at three Fingers. The route from Threapwood is pretty quick, even if the faster members of our group were not giving it full throttle. Cleopatra's closes at four, and we arrived as an apologetic Helen was locking the door. I think she was having to dash off for a parents evening. Never mind! We had covered about 45 miles in relaxed company, and with the deeply rural territory covered, and Dave and Liz alongside, it was a steady paced sunny day that seemed to capture the essence of Easy Riders from years past.  


Saturday 5 February 2022

3rd February 2022 : Wybunbury (brisk)

This week some of the brisk riders have enjoyed very unseasonably good riding weather enjoying dry roads and warm sunshine, although windy both Tuesday and as forcasted for today.

John W and myself ride out from Chester to Rose Farm cafe at Utkinton; on arrival it was good to see Ray and John M waiting for us. There was a good turn out of riders today taking advantage of this unseasonably good riding weather 

Our route today is circuitous route to the Swan Inn at Wybunbury. The route out is via Wettenhall then Church Minshull. Passing Leighton Hospital, we ride along Bradfield Road to Sydney and to Crewe Green. On joining the new link road, the roundabout is not cycle-friendly as it is big and busy but if you are unsure of your exit route then I suggest using the footpath and cross the roads very carefully. We exit the correct route to progress towards Crewe Green and the B5077 heading towards Alsager.

Two miles along this lane we should take a right but I never noticed it when either driving or cycling and thus missed it on my garmin. We turn round and take the lane called Barthomley Road. At the end of this lane we find ourselves at a past regular inn “The White Lion”. John recognised the hostelry for their excellent pub food. Not stopping today though as we continue passed heading for Betley and Wrinehill. After passing another good eating house, The Hand and Trumpet, we turn onto Dent Lane in Wrinehill which takes us into Wybunbury village.

Before arriving at the village, the West Coast railway runs parallel to the road and back in 1976 I recall an incident with the Royal Train that was enroute back to Euson with the Queen on board. After passing through Crewe the train was brought to a stand still due to the signaller being asleep and he hadn’t woken to the frantic bells that were ringing in his box. Although 2.00 am, it makes no difference and for sure he wasn’t signalling trains the following day!

At the Swan Inn, John met up with an old acquaintance “serving” in the outside bar and enjoyed the opportunity to pose pulling a pint!! 

John seems to be missing a glass!

The rest of us were seated indoors and selected from the light bites menu. After our quick lunch, including the lime and soda but no idea of cost, we depart in still glorious sunshine and into Nantwich. At Acton, we take the lane towards Burland and Bunbury. The route from Bunbury is to Alpraham and Eaton and returning to Rose Farm but, as we’d all ridden out to the cafe, we decide to ride via Beeston and Huxley. 

Riding from Nantwich, we have a strong force of a head wind so passing Huxley we head via the winding lanes to divert to Guy Lane and into Christleton and back to Chester. Today our ride has given us 70 miles of good riding on dry roads but at times a crater of pot holes, but nonetheless an enjoyable day out with friends. 

A good week of cycling all round for the briskers and well done to John W who completed a 125 mile auddax event on Sunday and was still always wanting to be on the front shielding us from the wind when we encountered it. Until next ride, keep safe and keep cycling.

 See route map and/or gpx file download


Photo JW and JM

Thursday 3 February 2022

3rd February 2022: Whitchurch (mod)

Another decent turnout at Rose Farm this morning on a day that promised to be dry, relatively warm and with light winds. The fast lads were off probably somewhere far away and at great speed, which left myself Fiona, Elwyn, Neil, George, Mike and Dave H to form the moderates.  I had two suggestions: either a route to Marbury or one to Whitchurch, both a little over 40 miles.  

Photo by EJ

Whitchurch was most popular, and so we set off towards Clutton and then Tattenhall.  To the surprise of some, we climbed all the way up to Harthill (Fiona had asked for a hill climb to warm her up), and then No Mans Heath and another climb up to Malpas.  This section included “road closed” signs and several traffic lights but we pressed on regardless. From Malpas we simply followed the B road to Grindley Brook and then the A41 to reach the centre of Whitchurch.  The short stretch on the A41 is busy and not pleasant, and an alternative route following the Llangollen Canal into town is much better in the drier months.

We hadn’t decided where to eat in Whitchurch, but the first place we approached was the Black Bear so Dave suggested this and we all agreed. This has been a favourite in the past and it didn’t disappoint.  We were accommodated on a couple of tables and the food arrived quickly, so it was soon time to leave.

I had led the morning route from memory, but turned on the satnav just to make sure of the return. I kept getting a message on the screen over the map saying I wasn’t connected to the internet, something I’d never had before.  We stopped in Marbury for me to correct this, but my iPhone then began launching apps and changing the screen at random. (Has anyone else ever had this?).  Switching the phone off, we continued relying on my memory.   This was not ideal as we missed a turn, and not heeding Neil’s warnings, we ended up crossing the A49 at Bickley and had to make our way back via Cholmondley, where Neil left us to head direct for home.  We soon picked up the intended route through Chorley and Bickley. Around Spurstow, a café stop was suggested and so we called into Tilley’s, where hot drinks and some cakes were consumed. Fortified we made quick progress towards Beeston, then the Shady Oak and into Tarporley.  Soon we were back at our starting point.

I had been a wonderful day’s weather that at times felt like Spring, with some bursts of warm sunshine.  Maybe this encouraged us to take our first afternoon café stop since winter descended.  Our unexpected detour had added about four or five miles onto our journey, and we completed a total of 48 miles, again the highest “mod” mileage since September I think. And for those who asked, I recorded 2,417 feet ascended.  I know it’s unlikely, but it would be nice to have some more ‘Spring-like’ days before Spring actually arrives.

See route map and/or gpx file download


PS. I learn that Nantwich recorded the country's highest temperature on the day of our ride at 13 degrees.