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Friday, 24 November 2017

23rd November 2017: Aston (mod)

It was another good CER turnout, with 14 taking coffee at the Ice Cream Farm.  Clive was in civvies suffering from some aches and pains, and Jim and Trevor were just out for a local ride. This left a decent number of riders and for only the second time since August that we had both a moderate and a brisk group. 

The moderates consisted of myself, Ray, Bob, Dave H, George and Bryan.  Dave had unfortunately left both his jackets behind and purloined a bin bag from the ICF, modified it for wear and was proudly modelling it, until Brian spoilt our fun by offering his own spare jacket. So now properly equipped we headed off towards Aston and the Bhurtpore Arms. 

The last couple of days had been wet and stormy, and had left some very mucky roads and a gusty WSW wind.  Fortunately the conditions were leavened by some decent sunshine. Our route out passed through Churton, Tilston and Cholmondeley.  We also passed three lanes where the tractor were out cutting hedges and leaving a trail of sharp thorns behind. We nonetheless arrived at the pub without incident.

Another excellent lunch at the Bhurtpore with good food and a bewildering array of real ales.  Dave recollected another pub with a similar layout – but was that the Wheatsheaf, or the Greyhound, or the Piccadilly? We couldn't be sure and generally confused we moved on to the budget, then housing and planning in Cheshire, but these didn’t prove to be cheerful topics. Fed and rested we prepared to saddle up, when the effects of the morning’s hedge cutting were seen in Bryan’s rear tyre.  He efficiently replaced his inner tube while the rest of us stood around unhelpfully.

Photo by SH
Back on the road we passed through Ravensmoor, Swanley and Bunbury before returning to the ICF.  Some made direct for home, while the others couldn’t resist tea and sweet things – though not cakes as Dave complained – these seemingly having disappeared from the ICF counters.  A good day, and good to have Bryan with us.  Just over thirty six miles covered in total.

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