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Thursday, 30 December 2021

30th December 2021: Ravensmore (mod)

 It was an inauspicious start to our final ride of the year from Utkinton – Rose Farm Café was closed, from 24th December to some date in January. Gathered outside with me were Alan, Andy B, Clive, Dave H, David M, and Keith who it was good to see, but who was only there to say hello. We discussed our options – basically finding another café that would be open. Tarporley seemed the best bet, likely to offer several choices. We waited to see if any other members arrived, but it had started to rain, so at 1015 we set off in search of coffee. Just into Tarporley High Street we found our first café, which was good enough – “Ginger and Pickles” opposite the bakery of the same name. We squeezed into what was a more upmarket establishment than we are generally used to, but this was Tarporley. 

Our needs met we left, saying goodbye to Clive and a short while later goodbye to David M. Our destination was The Farmers’ Arms at Ravensmoor, which I had previously confirmed would be open and serving food. We headed through Eaton towards Oulton Mill, turning right to head for Wettenhall and southwards into Nantwich. The southwesterly wind gave us little trouble and although the early rain had ceased, it started again as we passed through Nantwich, but by then we had only a couple of miles to reach our destination. 

A sign outside announced “under new management” and we were served fairly promptly. We chose from the light lunch menu, but Dave H and I were disappointed that the liver and onions had run out.  Nonetheless we enjoyed decent meals, although the lasagne choice we deemed to be a little small. Overall I quite liked the place. We checked the weather forecast and confirmed there would be rain for the rest of the day, though of the ‘light’ variety so the forecasts claimed.

The route back took us past Swanley Bridge, then Brindley, Bunbury and Beeston.  After the Shady Oak we split, with Dave H heading into Tarporley to rejoin his car, while the rest of us made for Huxley where we bade farewell to Andy.  That left Alan and me to follow the twists of Corkscrew Lane to Clotton and then past the turkey farm to Utkinton. In total we had travelled 35 miles.

So we ended 2021. A Happy New Year to all members, and a hope that Covid will be less of a constraint on our rides in 2022.

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