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Friday, 21 August 2015

CER congratulates John Wilkie

CER member John Wilkie completed the 1,200 km Paris-Brest-Paris Randonnée in 77 hours and 45 minutes on Wednesday evening having started the gruelling event on Sunday.  This, a truly great achievement in itself, is made even more remarkable when one considers that John rode his first 50 km audax in September 2014: from virtually nothing to full PBP in 11 months!
Paris-Brest Paris (PBP) from Paris to Brest on the west coast of France and back to Paris has become one of the most prestigious events on the global randonneuring calendar and is run once every four years.  For more information go to the official site.

John's official ride stats are given in the table below:

Suivi de la plaque / Track the frame number:  

ContrôleKmTempsPassageMoyenne tronçonMoyenne Totale
START 016/08 17:31
VILLAINES 22108:5317/08 02:2424.8 km/h24.8 km/h
FOUGERES 31013:1017/08 06:4120.7 km/h23.5 km/h
TINTENIAC 36416:0917/08 09:4018.1 km/h22.5 km/h
LOUDEAC 44920:1717/08 13:4820.5 km/h22.1 km/h
CARHAIX 52525:0917/08 18:4015.6 km/h20.8 km/h
BREST 61830:1117/08 23:4218.4 km/h20.4 km/h
CARHAIX 70340:1918/08 09:508.3 km/h17.4 km/h
LOUDEAC 78246:5818/08 16:2911.8 km/h16.6 km/h
TINTENIAC 86752:0818/08 21:3916.4 km/h16.6 km/h
FOUGERES 92155:1119/08 00:4217.7 km/h16.6 km/h
VILLAINES 100961:3219/08 07:0313.8 km/h16.3 km/h
MORTAGNE 109067:4119/08 13:1213.1 km/h16.1 km/h
DREUX 116573:3719/08 19:0812.6 km/h15.8 km/h
FINISH 123077:4519/08 23:1615.7 km/h15.8 km/h