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Thursday, 16 September 2021

16th September 2021: Aston (mod)

A good turnout at Meadow Lea this morning generated at least three separate rides.  The main mod contingent comprised myself, Dave H, George, Peter and Mike, just back from several weeks in Germany. We were also joined for the start by David M and Dave & Liz P. I had in mind a trip to the Bhurtpore at Aston.  I know the club regularly visits this establishment, but I hadn’t been there for some time, and as usual Dave H was keen on the destination.

We took the route out via Waverton, then Hargrave and Huxley.  We descended past the Shady Oak, up to Beeston Castle and into Bunbury, where Mike was nearly “van-doored” by a negligent driver.  From here the core contingent of 5 continued and took a suspension testing ride past Haughton Hall. Next it was Swanley Bridge and through Ravensmoor as we followed two cyclists with heavily laden paniers, before turning right before Sound to enter Wrenbury (which according to The Sunday Times is one of the 50 best villages in the country). We were back on bad surfaces as we rode past Wrenbury Station, but then were soon at our destination. 

We chose the outdoor seating and ordered a mix of curries and other food.  The pub has restricted opening hours due to the widespread lack of staff – something we also heard about last week at Cleopatra’s and would hear again later today. Another customer kindly took our photo. We were quickly served and, refreshed, we took to the road again. 

Photo by SH

The return route took us over the Shropshire Union canal via the lift bridge, and then on to Chorley. Crossing the Nantwich Road at Brindley, we carried on to Spurstow and then Peckforton. Touching our outward route at Beeston, we headed for Tattenhall Marina.  We made for the Marina Café, but their usual cakes were not available – staff shortages meant there was no-one to bake the cakes. We made do with hot drinks with the odd chocolate bar and ice cream, but enjoyed the view across the Marina. We tried to exit via the gate next to the railway bridge but it had just been locked.  Dave applied his charm(!) and persuaded the gate guardian to unlock it.  

The rest of the route was straightforward – along Long Lane to the hump back canal bridge, into Waverton and back onto our outward route. You could say it had been a ‘Goldilocks ride’: not too warm and not too cold, not too windly, not too hilly.  In fact, a 'just right' 55 miles,

See route map and/or gpx file download


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