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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

2nd September 2021: Wrenbury (mod)

Good turn out at Rose farm (no head count today).

Lovely to see Mr. & Mr’s. DP complete with Tandem or should I say” E- tandem, after Dave had added a motor (nice one Dave- I wonder if  it complies with the 15 mph max rules? -Lol)Also nice to see Trevor there (1st this year!) By the way mate, you owe me a pint, after finding that £20 you dropped- Lol.

Well I never, 2 E bikes at the meet, as Peter turned up as well, all we need now is Paula and we have a group (unfortunately she is not interested in larger group rides). Notable absentees, were the Runcorn lot (rumour has it, they all had something more interesting to do, which can’t be true, surely- Lol). The fast group of 2? Set off to an unknown destination, Steve H lead out the main Moderate group, East.

My easy flat moderate ride, to the Dusty Miller, became a ride to ‘#18 The Park’ in  Wrenbury- Cum- Frith, after Dave M decided to join my group of Fiona, Elwyn & myself. However, there was a last minute desertion by F&E (turn coats, who decided to join Steve’s ride- what happened to cycling loyalty- Lol). So, me & Dave set off for a new cafe experience, which I might add was fab, more of that later.

We head out left on my original route, leading Dave up the steep-ish hill into Tarporley ( never thought I would ever see Dave grinding that tiny granny ring on his lovely Colnago, but I did). His feet were spinning so fast, I thought it was ET in front of me. Once through Tarporley, Dave came up with an alternative route, being as I had shortened my original plan and was winging it a little- Lol.

So Dave now leading, we end up on 2 main roads, instead of the easy, traffic free route through Bunbury (just didn’t get it, but I humoured him, as he is a bit senior to me, in many ways- Lol). However, he was forgiven after the cafe stop (bit more upmarket than most, could say posh even, with lovely knee blankets for outside. Good job Dave H wasn’t with us, we would have had to leave him outside- Lol.

They have a large covered decked area with plenty of tables and additional picnic benches on the grass, so ideal for large groups of cyclists (closed Mon & Tue, by the way, as we found out today, when I lead F&E there, much to my embarrassment- NOT- Lol). Wrenbury needed a cafe to be fair (no more stops at the post office- Lol). We discovered that it’s been there since late 2019, but due to the Pandemic, they have only really got going in the last month or so. Lovely looking carrot & coriander soup for Dave and choc cake for me, which was all good, apart from the wasps, as usual.

Lunch done, we set off again in opposite directions, as both of us preferred a route that took us home, as opposed to Rose farm. I headed virtually direct to Harthill via Bickerton and onward to Milton Green. Dave headed out toward ‘Sound’ & on up toward Bunbury & home to Oscroft.

I ended up completing 42 easy flat miles, after another nice day.


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