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Roads & Rights

Roads & Rights presents the latest information on local road closures, new cycle routes, campaign and rights issues.  John Violet, our local Cycling Advocacy Network (CAN) Rep provides reports every few months, which CER members often find useful. 

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 Message about potholes from John Violet, October 2021

We have all noticed the gradual decline in road conditions for cycling in Cheshire West and Chester area. Consequently, I have had two meetings with Highways and it is clear that they are restrained by a combination of finance and rules from Central Government.

 We feel that a strong message should be sent from cyclists about the road conditions and Cycling UK, in conjunction with Cycle North Cheshire and Chester Cycling Campaign, are asking members to report 5 potholes during this month. The Council’s maintenance budget is very low this year but if we can show the full extent of the defects then they may be able to transfer money from other areas.

The report should go to Cheshire West and Chester website where the description and location of the defect can be made. It is also possible to add photographs. https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/transport-and-roads/highways/potholes-and-road-faults.aspx 

The pothole should be 4cm (1.5inches) or greater in depth.

Reinstated trenches should be 1cm (0.5inch) or greater in depth.

Gravel should also be reported.

It would be preferable if members were to report conditions away from the urban area of Chester as these should be covered by the 200+ members of Chester Cycling Campaign.


 Written by John Violet 


In the Chester area there has been few projects delivered or in the pipeline since the last report. Discussions with Cheshire West and Chester Council have focussed on the Active Travel Forum (ATF) and the Sustainable Transport Task Force (STTF). Following suggestions from Cycling UK and other voluntary organisations such as the Ramblers Association the format of the ATF is to be reviewed to make it more effective. The work with the STTF has been concentrated on the Boughton dual carriageway corridor and the Cycling UK proposal of a 2-way cycle lane instead of a traffic lane on the south side of the dual carriageway has been well received. The suggestion relies on sufficient road capacity for a single lane inbound to Chester for traffic travelling at 20mph. Data has been analysed which shows that the peak pre Covid traffic flow was 1080 vehicles/hour which happily is less than the capacity of 1200 vehicles/hour for the single lane. The scheme is now subject to review by the Council and if agreed could be implemented using the current Temporary Traffic Orders.

Mini Holland Bid

Last year the Government announced that about 12 Local Authorities would be able to demonstrate the way in which low traffic neighbourhoods in conjunction with new infrastructure could change the way in which people use different forms of transport. Cheshire West and Chester Council have now submitted a bid for the dual carriageway work described above in conjunction with improving the route along Christleton Road to the Hamburger Junction. The order of cost is about £20-25m for each of the 12 areas but with over 100 councils bidding the chances of success are low.

A5117 Ellesmere Port Shared User Path

The Council consider the path should be complete in July 2021 but this is considered to be rather optimistic as there are a few outstanding areas needing completion.

A41 Backford

A Shared Used Path has been provided between Whitby Lane traffic lights and the canal bridge.

A51 Tarvin Road

The £5.5m road scheme is virtually complete but there is still some work outstanding on the Shared User Path. The Toucan crossing at Littleton Lane is currently being installed which will provide a much safer crossing provision for cyclists (Cycling UK request at scheme consultation).

Tattenhall to Whitchurch Disused Railway

Highways England have listed two bridges along this route for demolition. Cycling UK have brought the matter to the attention of the Council as there is a long term plan for a potential Active Travel route.

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