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Chester Easy Riders is an independent cycling club affiliated to Cycling UK. We cycle every Thursday throughout the year with moderate and brisk day rides of 40 to 80 miles.

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Roads & Rights

Roads & Rights presents the latest information on local road closures, new cycle routes, campaign and rights issues.  John Violet, our local Cycling Advocacy Network (CAN) Rep provides reports every few months, which CER members often find useful. 

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1. Grosvenor Bridge – there was a meeting at end of 2022 with regard to the cycle lanes and traffic speed. Previously advisory cycle lanes had been installed with a 20mph speed limit; then police then advised that this wasn’t enforceable so the speed limit went back to 30mph. This resulted in narrow lanes & fast-moving traffic. John Violet had written to the Crime Commissioner highlighting the Department of Transport Guidance. The council have now come up with a new design going back to the 20mph limit for the section on the bridge and keeping the advisory cycle lanes. This will be implemented by the end of March.

2. Climate Emergency & Council systems – The council declared a climate emergency and had a target of reducing traffic 25% by 2025. Karen Stephens is the ‘decarbonisation officer’ and John Violet will be having a meeting with her on 13th January 2023.

The Integrated Sustainable Transport Taskforce is the main forum for the council – however they tend to work at a high level and don’t get down to the practical details of schemes. The issue of the promised traffic island (which hasn’t materialised) at the Wicker Lane crossing was raised, but apparently this forum doesn’t cover detailed issues. The previous Active Travel Forum used to meet more regularly, cover more details, and be more effective.

3. Chester Gateway (Chester Railway station & environs) There is currently a consultation on the project; information has been sent to the committee and groups and been put on the C&NW CTC facebook page to encourage responses and attendance at the public consultations.

The big positive in the plans is the proposal for a pedestrian/cyclist bridge by the side of the existing bridge, but this will need links to the station and currently these links are not included in the proposals. John Violet will be attending a meeting with councillors & consultants to discuss the proposals (18th January 2023). Dave Matthews, Allan Samuel and others may be attending some of the public consultations. 

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