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Saturday 30 September 2023

28th September 2023: Comberbach (mod)

Despite some riders being away, there was a reasonable turnout at Delamere. It was great to see Steve Haywood, and on his bike as well. Steve's recovery is going to take more time and treatment, but it's a welcome start. Evidence of what is possible after a long physical setback was provided by Matt, actually on two wheels not three! Peter had a struggle making it from home, but his effort just to meet us for a coffee was appreciated. Dave Matthews was not feeling great after a Covid jab, but had also cycled out for coffee. John Wilkie, Ken and Ivan were out from the fast lads group, and Ray Stigter was joining the moderate riders. The moderate group for the day constituted the two Rays, Alan, Steve Hughes, Andy Barber, Matt and myself. I had a scenic, circular route to Comberbach in mind. On our way out we passed filming going on in the forest. Did anyone find out what they were actually producing? We cycled through a film set once in Bunbury, and that did actually finish up on our television screens.  We wound our way to Acton Bridge via Norley Hall and Ainsworth. After crossing the River Weaver it was all quiet, little lanes to picturesque Higher Whitley. Shortly after I suffered my first puncture in a long time. Many thanks to the guys for really getting stuck in to help. Some aspects of the teamwork were more reminiscent of Frank Spencer than Christian Horner, but I was genuinely grateful to Alan, Andy and Big 'bull at a gate' Ray. The riding north west of Arley was flat, quiet and easy, but the troops were getting hungry, so we turned,  south via Hollins Lane, Pole Lane and Gibb Hill. We arrived at The Spinner and Bergamot at one o'clock, fifteen minutes early, but the service was prompt as well as friendly. Andy and myself ordered  a little late, as my tyre needed reseating over the valve following my puncture. The food was spot-on.

Photos by Alan O

The choice after lunch was whether to cycle a few more miles exploring the lanes around Budworth, or to just head straight back. Many had more cycling to do after returning to Delamere, and with a possibility of late afternoon rain, it was a unanimous decision to return directly. I was a bit slow on the return for the usual reasons: age, weight and not cycling enough, so I encouraged the group to press on without me. It's always a slog up from the Weaver to Delamere station, but overall it was a very enjoyable day. It was good to discuss dogs with Ray Stigter, talk cars and driving with Steve, float Special Ride possibilities with Andy and insult Ever Ready Ray at every opportunity. Thanks to Alan for the photographs. About 34 miles covered.


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