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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

25th May 2017 : Little Bollington (brisk)

On a sweltering summer's day 4 brisk riders struggled to decide on a destination but all seemed to favour a less energetic pace to keep us from overheating. No-one had prepared a route but I fancied a ride to the “Swan with Two Nicks” in Little Bollington. I hadn't been before but had a previous CER route on my Garmin.

Accompanied by Nick, Tom and Andy B, I left Delamere Station heading towards Norley and after crossing the A49 onward towards Comberbach and Great Budworth. We were careful not to upset the Budworth natives given recent anti MAMIL newspaper reports. The village looked as idyllic as ever under the bright blue skies. 

We sailed on at a steady pace but I was getting a little anxious as Garmins battery was running down rather quickly and because I don't know the area at all. Anyway, we crossed the M6 and things began to go awry. A left turn was indicated but major roadworks made that impossible. We stopped to re-route. Andy rummaged in his rucksack to find the relevant OS map. After a couple of minutes of intense scrutiny, he declared we were in the wrong place. This was Andy-speak meaning he wasn't carrying the map for our location!

By this time I decided we would cut out a loop and go more directly to the pub which was only a few miles away on the other side of Rostherne. Unfortunately, on arrival there more road closed signs were in our path. We decided ignore these but we were soon advised by a local dog walker that the road was impassable and we would have to retrace our route and do a big loop to our destination. At this point Garmin was freaking out and the battery level was heading south with constant recalculations. Nonetheless, we get to the Swan without any more problems.

It's a delightful destination and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the garden. Reluctantly we eventually left the shade to remount. 

The consensus was that the road to our left (which was what Garmin wanted us to take) was probably one of the closed roads. So we took a right turn and headed for Lymm hoping to pick up the planned route there. Garmin switched to night mode and refused to find the required left turn off before the centre of Lynn. (Looking at Strava later, I noticed we actually stopped at the relevant corner). Andy was happy to head directly west into the sun on the grounds we would eventually cross in to Wales! Nick added a bit of flesh to that idea and on rather more main roads than desirable we passed through Stretton, Preston Brook and Sutton Weaver to arrive at Frodsham.

We stopped for coffee and sitting in the sun were approached by an attractive young blonde who excitedly extolled the benefits of sun cream for bald pates! To prove her credentials she raised her top to reveal a tattoo across her back proclaiming her to be a local barber! Nick foolishly admitted he hadn't applied any protection to his bonce despite the sunny weather and this was immediately rectified by our new friend! Happy her work was done off she went and we follow not long after. Nick, duly protected from UV rays, headed up Frodsham Hill toward Delamere to return to his car. We remaining three travelled via Helsby to Chester and from there wended our separate ways home.

I had done 61 miles which was enough on such a hot day. Andy and Tom as usual had to plod on even further before reflecting on eventful but nonetheless enjoyable day.


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