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Saturday, 8 May 2021

06 May 2021 : Broken Cross (brisk)

Today’s ride was hastily put together on Wednesday evening after a hectic day with my grandchild at the zoo, and changing the home boiler from oil to gas. My son-in-law did a fantastic job, so no complaints!

I was riding with John W as Clive away sailing. Instead of the meet at Delamere I chose car assist to Crewe and a ride starting from the King George 5th Sports Centre. John and I set out via Bradfield Road to Maw Green and then out to Winterley. The usual undulating road to Malins Bank and Small Wood then takes us towards Brereton. Normally, we would continue along Holmes Chapel Road, but today we’re heading towards Macclesfield with a new riding lane taking us to Swettenham village.

A lot of new road works in advance stages have taken place on my Garmin route and we have to navigate a new roundabout and pick up the route before being confronted with signs advising all access blocked. Not to be put off by signs, we head for the large contingent of yellow earth movers and cranes and John very politely asks if we can progress along the road. Astonishingly, the gentleman worker clad in very orange overalls and safety helmet says “Yes, but watch out for the moving diggers”.

We continued through the site and met a group of cyclists approaching in the opposite direction and John advised them also to beware of big tractors on the move. We enjoy a short 15% descent before having to engage with a 15%+ ascent to get out of this valley. We continue through a pleasant area called Giants Wood Lane covered in white daffodils and bluebells. No photo unfortunately, but wish I had now! Crossing over the A34, it is now a 6 mile climb 5% average to Broken Cross.

Broken Cross, according to Wikipedia, has been a village for over a thousand years. It does not have a cross but has always been a busy crossing place. Also noted is nearby Henbury Woods which we passed through, as it was the first location where the grey squirrel was introduced!! 

Lunch stop was at the “Heavenly Sandwich Bar” and we enjoyed our snack in a sunny bus shelter. As we’d finished lunch, it started to feel chilly so we got our bikes and continued towards Alderley Edge. Within minutes we were sheltering under a luckily large beech tree in full leaf as snow and hail blasted down. It only lasted long enough for John to put on another jacket and we set off again.

Heading along the B5807, this must rank as one of the worst roads in Cheshire. We are going to be heading down the “Wizard Hill” and I advised John that I’ll be taking it slowly. Arriving safely at the bottom and navigating our way through the town and the required Chelsea tractor brigade, we head for Peover and Swan Green.

Now back on customary route we’re into Davenham. It’s a left turn along London Rd and Bostock Green which makes a change from Hartford direction. It’s never pleasant riding in Winsford, but we have to and it's the usual ride down hill and the gruelling up hill. At Glebe Green, we follow the B1074 which runs into Church Minshull. Turning left and head towards the Middlewich Road, then it's Warmingham Lane and into Bradfield Road and thence Crewe.

A good ride today. Apologies for not starting at Delamere and to my other fellow brisk riders, but it was a last minute decision to change to car assist. 63 miles covered and a 16mph average. We endured a head wind for much of the return route. The weather as usual making our trip something to wonder and talk about 

See route map and/or gpx file download


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